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FASD NorCal is a group of parents and professionals aiming to foster diagnosis, services and support for everyone affected by fetal alcohol damage in Northern California. We have monthly meetings in San Jose, and all are welcome to join us as we plan our actions and advocacy. Our first wave of action is raising awareness: we consult with families and agencies; provide and host trainings, and disseminate research and practice findings regarding FASD.

Our ultimate goal is the full range of fetal alcohol-related resources for Northern California available to all who need them.

We are sponsored by Parents Helping Parents:

...if you drink, don't get pregnant! if you did drink and you're concerned about possible effects on your child, contact us. If you're an adult whose mother drank and you're curious about possible effects on you, feel free to contact us.


for more information call Kathryn Page 530-249-1060

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